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HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper

HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper

seecarrer published HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper contains 120 questions.
This post contains HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper in english language…

HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper and Exam pattern

    • HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper (Preliminary exam)-120 marks
    • HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper (general knowledge apptitude)-120 marks

  • HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper (main exam)-250 marks
  • HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper (general knowledge apptitude-100 marks
  • HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper (general english)-50 marks
  • HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper (english essay)-50 marks
  • HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper (hindi)-50 marks

HPPSC Naib Tehsildar Previous year question paper

1.Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of India’s independence ?
(A) Clement Attlee
(B) Ramsay MacDonald
(C) N. Chamberlain
(D) Winston Churchill

2. The Anti-terrorism Day is celebrated on:
(A) May 23
(B) September 31
(C) September 30
(D) May 21

3. The Prime Minister of India recently launched a satellite service for the SAARC countries. It was :
(A) GSAT-8
(B) GSAT-g
(C) GSAT-5
(D) GSAT-4

4. ‘Digi Yafira’ is an initiative of . 1.
(A) Ministry of Civil Aviation
(B) Four Dham Yatra
(C) Ministry of Railway
(D) I{inistry of Road and Transport

5.Recently Sukama valley came into news for killing of armed forces. The valley is located in :
(A) North Kashmir
(B) South Kashmir
(C) Chhattisgarh
(D) Jharkhand

6. Which of the following is not conect about Leela Seth ?
(A) She was the first woman justice of Delhi High Court
b) She was the first woman Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court
(C) She was throughout an RTI activist
(D) She passed away recently

7. Which river is called as the Ganges of the South ?
(A) Godavari
(B) Krishna
(C) Cauvery
(D) None of the above

8. Which Indian state has least literacy rate ?
(A) Bihar
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Orissa
(D) Arunachal Pradesh

9. Which one of the following is correct about corporation tax ?
(A) It is tax which is levied bY the local bodies
(B) It is a tax on the Profit of companres
(C) It is an indirect tax
(D) It is a tax that is levied by Municipal Corporation

10. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress ?
(A) Hakim Azmal Khan
(B) Abul Kalam Azad
(C) Rafi Ahmad Kidwai
(D) Badruddin Tyabji

11. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is related to:
(A) Santoor
(B) Mohan Veena
(C) Sarangi
(D) Violin

12. Education in the Indian Constitution falls in :
(A) Concurrent list
(B) Central list
(C) State list
(D) Residuary list

13. The Parliament of Israel is known as:
(A) Great Hural
(B) The Knesset
(C) Stortinget
(D) Staten

14. Who was the keY Person who persuaded Gandhi to come to Champaran in L}LT ?
(A) Rajkumar Shukla
(B) Vinoba Bhave
(C) AcharYa KriPlani
(D) Motilal Nehru

15. Which Indian bowler became the first ever to comPlete 50 wickets in two consecutive calendar Years
2015-2016 ?
(A) Ravichandran Ashwin
(B) Muhammad Sami
(C) JasPrit Bumrah
(D) None of the above

16. Indian Women’s HockeY Team beat which countrY to win Asian Champions TroPhY 2016 ?
(A) Malaysia
G) China
(C) JaPan
(D) South Korea

17. Sampriti is a joint military training exercise between
(A) India and Bangladesh
(B) India and Russia
(C) India and America
(D) India and Israel

18. World Sanskrit Award 2016 was given to :
(A) Professor Geoige Cardona
(B) Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
(C) Professor Sheldon Pollack
(D) None of the above

19. Who won the best FIFA football player award. 2OL6 ?
(A) Lionel Messi
(B) Cristiano Ronaldo
(C) Antonie Griezmaan
(D) Manuel Neuer

20. The Champions of the Earth Award
is given bY the :
(A) United Nations
(B) United States of America
(C) EuroPean Union
(D) Sweden

21. The First BRICS film festival was held in
(A) Delhi
(B) Moscow
(C) Beijing
(D) Peking

22. Which of the following films got the Golden Peacock Award at 47th International’ Film Festival of India
(A) Bridge of SPies
(B) The Danish Girl
(C) The Revenant
(D) Daughter

23. Lalirna Abhiyan. for anaemia-free state has been launched in :
(A) Gujarat
(B) MadhYa Pradesh
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Himachal Pradesh

24. Jail Jyothi Yojana to Promote literacy among the jail inmates was launched in :
(A) Kerala
(B) West Bengal
(C) Orissa
(D) Delhi

25. Bharatmala is a :
(A) Road and highways Project connecting the borders and ports on coastal lines
(B) Linking River Project
(C) Reviving small airPorts
(D) Linking universities Project

26. Project Vishwajeet is mooted by :
(A) HRD Ministry
(B) Defence MinistrY
(C)Agriculture MinistrY
(D) Road and TransPort MinistrY
27. Justice R.V. Easwar Committee constituted by the government of India was to deal with :
(A) Fiscal Deficit
(B) Market borrowing
(C) Income Tax
.(D) None of the above

28. Cassini is a joint space mission of :
(B) NASA and France SPace Agency
(C) NASA and European SPace Agency
(D) ISRO and European SPace Agency

29. ‘Operation Sankat Mochan’ was launched by
(A) Indian Air Force
(B) Indian ArmY
(C) Nepalese Army
(D) Indian Navy

30. Who was selected for the 52 Gyanpeeth Award for 2016 ?
(A) Shankar Ghosh
(B) Padma Sachdev
(C) ChhatraPal
(D) Bulaki Sharma

31. TSR Subrahmanyam Committee which recently submitted its report to the government of India dealt with :
(A) National Education PolicY
(B) National Health PolicY
(C) Police Reforms
(D) None of the above

32. Richard Verma is :
(A) Governor of California
(B) Member of the US Senate
(C) Member of the House Representatives
(D) US Ambassador to India

33. Who among the following received the Nobet Pize in literature for 2016 ?
(A) Bob DYlan
(B) Oliver Hart
(C) Y. Ohsumi
(D) Bernard Feringa

34. Article 280 of the Indian Constitution deals with :
(A) Planning Commission
(B) Inter-State Council
(C) Finance Commission
(D) The Supreme Court of India

35. The Financial Emergency under Indian Constitution is mentioned
(A) Article 360
(B) Article 354
(C) Article 359
(D) None of the above

36. Which state of India has the largest coastline ?
(A) Gujarat
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Kerala
(D) Tamil Nadu

37.Shunglu Committee was formed by Lt. Governor of Delhi to examine :
(A) 400 files on which AAP government had taken decision
(B) Specifically Tanker Scain in Delhi
(C) Water Supply in Delhi
(D) Electricity Distribution in Delhi

38. In which state were the Panchayat’i Raj Institutions introduced first ?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Gujarat
(D) Karnataka

39. In whom of India the executive authoritY is vested bY the to produce Constitution ? ;
(A) The President of India
(B) fhe Council of Ministers
(C) The Prime Minister
(D) Cabinet

40. Which organ br”eaks fat Cholesterol ?
(A) Liver
(B) Kidney
(C) Pancreas
(D) None of the above

41. Which mountain pass joins Mandi 38′ and Kullu Districts of H’P’ ?
(A) Dulchi
(B) Padri
(C). Drati
(D) Tori

42.Around which centurY were rock temples of Masrur in Kangra District of H.F. built ?
(A) 3rd and 4th centurY
(B) 7th and 8th centurY
(C) 9th and 10th centurY
(D) l1th and 12th centurY

43.The Government of India has sanctioned five Model schools for the educationally backward blocks of. Chamba and Sirmaur Districts of H.P. How many of them are in Chamba District ?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

44. With which region of H.P. is Bakayang folk dance associated ?
(A) Chamba
(B) Kinnaur
(C) Kangra
(D) Lahaul SPiti

45. Near which town of H.P. is Daranghati Sanctuary ?
(A) Solan
(B) Shimla
(C) Rampur Bushahr
(D) Arki

46. On the bank of which river is Suketi Fossil Park ?
(A) Giri
(B) Bata
(C) Markanda
(D) Andhra

47.In which town of H.P. was the first Skilt Development Centre set up in H.P. in 2013 A.D. ?
(A) Nahan
(B) Bilaspur
(C) Hamirpur
(D) Gagret

48.Which sanitation campaign was replaced by Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) in 2014-15 ?
(A) Nirmal. Bharat Abhiyan
(B) Swachh Gramin Abhiyan
(C) Rajiv Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
(D) Indira Nirmal Bhardt Abhiyan Approximalely what percentage of

49.total area of H.P. falls in Lahaul- Spiti District ?
(A) 14.03
(B) 18.64
(c) 24.85
(D) 28.t6

50. What is the approximate altitude of Shikari Devi temple situated in Karsog region of Mandi District of H.P. ?
(A) 5000 ft.
(B) 10000 ft.
(c) 15000 ft.
(D) 20000 ft.


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51.Whjch Raja of Bilaspur princely state was exiled from the state around 1903 A.D. and ordered to stay at Benaras ?
(A) Amar Chand
(B) Mahan Chand
(C) Hira Chand
(D) Bijai Chand

52. When was the custom of Rit Marriage abolished in the Bushahr princely state ?
(A) 1915 A.D.
(B) 1920 A.D.
(c) 1925 A.D.
(D) L930 A.D.

53. In 1946 which was the smallest state Thakurai among the Simla Hill states ?
(A) Delath
(B) Dhadi
(C) Ratesh
(D) Beja

54. During the reign of which Kullu was Lahul conquered Raja of Chamba ?
(A) Suraj Pal
(B) Raksh Pal
(C) Rudar Pal
(D) Karn Pal

55. The quantum of land rever:rue in Bilaspur princely state which was paid in kind till 1863 w&s ……;…. .
(A) one-third of the produce
(B) one-fourth of the produce
(C) one-fifth of the produce
(D) one-sixth of the produce

56. Which Raja of Mandi princely state was son of Ishwari Sen by a concubine ?
(A) Zalim Sen
(B) Balbir Sen
(C) Shamsher Sen
(D) Bijai Sen

57. Which of the following restored the territory of Kutlehar princely state which had been seized by Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra ?
(A) the Sikhs
(B) the Gurkhas
(C) the British
(D) the Mughals

58. To which region of Kangra District of H.P. did Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan belong ?
(A) Palampur
(B) ShahPur
(C) Nurpur
(D) Nagrota

59. Among the following which was the last Thakurai to be granted Sanad by the British ?
(A) Kumarsain
(B) Kuthar
(C) Darkoti
(D) Tharoach

60. According to the Sanad granted to the Raja of Sirmaur in 1815 A.D. which of the following territories was returned to him ?
(A) Jaunsar-Bawar
(B) Morni
(C) Babar
(D) Kayar-Da-Dun

62. What was the Consumer Price Index Numbers for industrial workers in H.P. during 20t4-L5 ?
(Base 2001 = 100)
(A) t7p
(ts) 1e3
(c) 2736
(D) 225
63. Which was the ancestral village of famous Hindi writer Yashpal in Hamirpur District of H.P. ?
(A) Rangas
(B) Rail
(C) Rhumpal
(D) Kalyal

64. Besides Chini Tehsil of Mahasu ,District, how many villages of Rampur Tehsil were transferred ).’ to constitute Kinnaur District in 1960 A.D. ?
(A) 14
(B) 18
(c) 22
(D) 26

65. Who was the first Speaker of H.P. Vidhan Sabha (1952) ?
(A) Krishan Chander
(B) Krishna
(C) Desraj Mahajan
(D) Jaiwant Ram

66. According to 2010-11 Agricultural census what is the percentage of small and marginal holdings in H.P. ?
(A) 69.78
(B) 70.34
(c) 80.61
(D) 87.95

67. Which District of H.P. recorded the highest growth rate of population during 200l-2011 decade ?
(A) Sirmaur
(B) Una
(C) Solan
(D) Chamba

68. lYhich craftsman in the court of Raja Meru Varman of Chamba built the metal alloy (ashtdhatu) images at Bharmour and Chhatrari temples ?
(A) Gugga
(B) Nainsukh
(C) Manaku
(D) Nikka

69. Adolescent girls of which age-group’ are covered under the Kiihori Shakti Yojna in H.P. ?
(A) 10-16 years
(B) Ll-17 years
(C) 11-18 years
(D) 12-20 years

70. When was Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act passed in H.P. ?
(A) 1970
(B) 1976
(c) 1980
(D) 1987

71. When was the Amrit Bazar Patriha started in Bangla ?
(A) 1865 A.D.
(B) 1866 A.D.
(c) 1868 A.D.
(D) 1870 A.D.

72. Whieh is not correct about the Faraizi Movement ?
(A) It originated in Bihar.
(B) Its aim was the religious purifibation of Islam.
(O It used the Bangla language in the Initiation Ceremony.
(D) Its founders believed in scriptural fundamentalism.

73. Which Act conceded the demand of Legislative Council members to’discuss the Budget ?
(A) Charter Act of 1833
(B) Charter Act of 1853
(C) Indian Councils Act of 1861
(D) Indian Councils Act of 1892

74. Of the following, who was not the member of Hindu Mahasabha ?
(A) Madan Mohan Malaviya
(B) Ras Behari Bose
(C) B.$. Munje
(D) Lala Lajpat Rai

75. Sohan Singh Bhakna and Baba Harnam Singh were associated with :
(A) Naujawan Bharat Sabha
(B) Ghadar Movemen
(C) Congress Socialist Party
(D) Hindu Mahasabha

76. Which of the following is net matched correctly ?
(A) Abul Kalam Azad,-IndiaWins Freedom
(B) Deenbandhu Mitra Neeldarpan
(C) Katherine MayoMother India
(D) Sarojini Naidu Nation in Making

77. What of the following is not correct about the Home Rule League ?
(A) It was based on the model of Ireland.
(B) Annie Besant established
(C) Annie Besant wanted to make India free through it.
(D) B.G. Tilak also established it.

78. Where was examination in time ?
(A) Allahabad
(B) Agra
(C) Delhi
(D) Varanasi

79. Consider the following statements and select your answer from codes given below :
(1) Gandhi gave uP his membershiP of Congress in 1940.
(2) The Pact was signed in 1916.
(3) The Cripps Mission was sent to India by Lord Wavell.
(4) V.D. Savarkar organised the Abhinau Bharat.

80. Who appointed the BoundarY Commission in 1947 for delimiting the boundaries of India and Pakistan in Punjab and Bengal ?
(A) C. Rajagopalachari
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Sardar Patel
(D)’Lord Mountbatten

81. Which of the following is not correct about the Christian Missionaries which ..*” to India ?
(A) The Danish Protestant Mission was the frrst to come to India.
(B) The Missionaries enjoyed the privileges of being the members of the ruling power.
(C) .Most of the Indian Reform Movements of 19th centurY opposed them.
(D) The Charter Act of 1853 granted them the right to visit India and liberty to Preach Christianity there.

82. Which of the following matched correctly ?.
(A) Syed Ahmed Khan De,oband Movement is not
(B) Atmaram Pandurang The Prarthana Samaj
(C) Vivekananda Ramakrishna Mission
(D) Madam. Blavatsky the Theosophical Society

83.Who of the following established the Indian Society of Oriental Art ?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) Abnindranath Tagore and Gagnendranath Tagore
(C) Surendranath Banerji and fu”di51a Banerji
(D) Subhash Chandra Bose ,TBC :

84. Henry Vivian Derozio is associated with :
(A) Self-Respect Movement
(B) Arya Samaj Movement
(C) Seva Sadan
(D) Young Bengal Movement

85. Arrange the following in chronological order, and select the answer from the codes given below :
(1) The Indian lJniversities Act
(2) The Saddler Commission
(3) The Ilbert Bill
(4.) The Swadeshi Movement
Codes :
(A) l, 2, 3,
(B) 2, 4, L,
(c) 3, L, 4,
(D) 4, 3, 2,

86.Consider the following statelments an”d select your answer from the codes given below :
(1) Munshi Prem Chand started writing first in Urdu.
(2) B.R. Ambedkar is associated with the Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha.
(3) The Indiirn Universities Act was passed in the time of ViceroY Lord Hardinge.
(4) The newspaper “Ghadar” was first published in Hong Kong.
Codes :
(A) I’ and 2
(B) 2 and 3
(C) 3 and 4
(D) 4 and 2

87. Which of the following is true about Raja Ravi Verma, a greater painter ?
(A) He belqnged to a royal familY of Rajasthan.
(B) He combined the Indian and West’ern styles in his Paintings.
(C) He disregarded the Indian mythological themes in paintings.
(D) He learnt paintings at the age of 40,

88.Who designed the Victoria Memorial Hall in Calcutta in 1906 ?
(A) Sir William Emerson
(B) R.F. Chisholm
(C) H. Irwin
(D) None of the above

89. Consider the following statements about the Theosophical Society :
(1) Its doctrines were influenced by occult mysticism.
(2) It used the Hindu and Buddhist terms and concepts.
(3) Annie Besant was a Scottish woman.
(4) She became the member of Congress in 1905.
Select your answer from the codes given below :
Codes :
(A) 1 and 3
(B) 2 and 4
(C) 2 and 3
(D) 1 and 2

90. Which of the following is not matched correctly ?
(A) M.S. Subalakshmi-CarnatieMusic
b)Rukmini Devi-Bharatnatyam
c)Hari Narain Apte-Oriya Literature
(D) Alauddin Ktian-Hindustani Music

91.Who was the first biographer on Mahatma Gandhi ?
(A) Acharya J.B. Kriplani
(B) Vinoba Bhave
(C) J.J. Doke
(D) Rajendra Prasad

92. Which of the following is not a part of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology in the Hind Swaraj ?
(A) India’s Varna system is not an ideal one.
(B) Indian civilisation is undoubtedly the best because of its immense assimilative power.
(C) The industrial capitalism of the West is responsible for all conflicts, for it has divorced economic activities from moral concerns.
(D) In our contemporary times, the lawyers, the doctors and the railways are making the country poorer.

93. Of the following, who were the first two Satyagrahis of Mahatma Gandhi in Individual Satyagraha ?
(A) Vinoba Bhave and Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) Vinoba Bhave Prasad and Rajendra
(C) Sardar Patel and Vinoba Bhave
(D) Rajendra Prasad and Sardar Patel

94. Consider the following statements, and select the correct answer from ‘the codes given below :
(1) Gandhi lau.rched the Swadeshi Movement in 1905
(2) In Gandhi’s philosophy, there was no alternative for morality.
(3) Gandhi was opposed to ,.. renouncing one’s religior
(4) One should not mind meddling into the other’s affairs, if they were opposed to you.
Codes :
(A) 1 and 2
(B) 2 and 3
(C) 3 and 4
(D) 4 and 1

95. What was not a Gandhi’s scheme part of Mahatma of Education ?
(A) ‘Free compulsory education O,orr and girls from 7 tq years
(B) Vocational education
(C) The University education should be for meritorious students only
(D) Its goal is character building and understanding social responsibilities

96. The direct effect of deficit financing is that :
(A) Employrnent situation worsens
(B) Demand and Supply of output
(C) Pushes up prices
(D) Makes market more competitive

97. In which year Responsibility Management Act
(A) 1ee1
G) 1999
(c) 2005
(D) 2010

98. Vijay Kelkar Committee 2012 was related to which of the following subjects ?
(A) Banking Reforms
(B) Fiscal Consolidation
(C) Tax Reforms
(D) Subsidies

99. Which sector has the largest contribution in India’s Gross Domestic Savings ?
(A) PuUtic Sector
G) Public Sector Enterprises
(C) Private Corporate Sector
(D) Domestic Sector

100. A rolling plan is a plan for
(A) One year
(B) Two years
(C) Three years
(D) Five years

101. Among the following, the highe Literacy rate is found in :
(A) Sikkim
(B) Manipur
(C) Uttarakhand
(D) Meghalaya

102. The headquarters of Wester Coalfield Ltd. is located at :
(A) Mumbai
(B) Nagpur
(C) Vadodara
(D) Alwar

103. Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project Treaty has been signed between :
(A) India-Bangladesh
(B), India-Bhutan
(C) India-Myanmar
(D) India-Nepal

104. Plateau of India divided asMALNAD and MAIDAN Plateau is:
(A) Mysore Plateau.
(B) Telangana Plateau
(C) Chota Nagpur Plateau
(D) Malwa Plateau

105. Influent drainage, Bangar Doabs are the features of :
(A) Indo-Sutlej Pl4in,
(B) Ganga Plain
(C) Brahmaputra Plain
(D) Mahanadi Plain

106. TODA are Tribal Community found in the state of :
(a) Crjurut
(B) Kerala
(C) Andaman and Nicobar
(D) Odisha

107. India became a signatory to the Ramsar Convention in 1982. Ramsar Convention is related to :
(A) Wetland Conservation
(B) Lakes Conservation
(C) River Conservation
(D) All of the above

108. Among the following which river basin having the largest catchment atea ?
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Krishna
(C) Narmada
(D) Kaveri

109. Which one of the following stations receives minimum average annual rainfall ?
(A) Bhopal
(B) ,Hyderabad
(C) Lucknow
(D) RaiPur

110. Among the following, the Easternmost location city is :
(A) Lucknow
(B) Jabalpur
(C) Hyderabad
(D) Bangalore

111. Which one of the following statements is wrong about earth ?
(A) Ozone layer protects the life from the harmful ultraviolet radiations coming from sun
(B) Biodiversity is richest in the tropics
(C) Microorganisms important role in cycling play an the nutrient
(D) Nearly 29Vo of the earth surface is covered by water

112. Lithosphere is the :
(A) Innermost core of earth
(B) Part of the earth covered with water
(C) The lowest layer of atmosphere
(D) Uppermost layer of the earth crust which is capable o upporting life

113. Igneous rocks are formed
(A) cooling down of eruptions by the
(B) deposition and lithification sediments
(C) deposition of plants and dead animals
(D) deposition of limestone
114. Which city is known as the valley’ of India ?
(C) Bangalore
(D) Nagpur of volcanic

115. Main use of a Nuclear Reactor is to:
(A) store the radioactive material
(B), produce electrical energy from the energy released during I ,ruclear fission
(C) mgasure electric current in a circuit
(D) transmit the optical signals and the two-dimensional pictures

116. Compressed natural gas is now being used as better fuel than gasoline for running vehicles , because of its :
(A) complete combustion and no unburnt release of carbon
(B) incomplete combustion and release of methri.ne
(C) high ignition temperature
(D) low calorific.value and the engine remain cool

117. Which one of the following is used in the rear view mirror of the vehicles ?
(A) Concave mirror
(B) Convex mirror
(C) Plane mirror
(D) Concavo-convex mirror

118. Which one of the following is responsible for the Ozone depletion ?
(A) Carbon monoxide
(B) Sulphur dioxide
(C) Nitrogen oxide
(D) Chlorofluorocarbon

119. In children, Kwashiorkor and Marasmus diseases are caused by the deficiency of :
‘ (.a) Vitamin D
(B) Vitamin 86
(C) Protein
d) Fat

120. RISHTA project in Himachal pradesh refers to :
(A) LED based street lighting project
(B) Tree plantation prcgramme
(C) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
(D) Road construction to every village


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