Solved Paper Superintendent (Home) 2018 – HPPSC Shimla - latest jobs,admit card,previous papers,results in himachal pradesh ||

Solved Paper Superintendent (Home) 2018 – HPPSC Shimla

Solved Paper Superintendent (Home) 2018 – HPPSC Shimla ||

Solved Paper Superintendent (Home) 2018 – HPPSC Shimla

check  Solved Paper Superintendent (Home) 2018 – HPPSC Shimla
Solved Paper Superintendent (Home) 2018 – HPPSC Shimla

1. Which was the most decisive battle of the Third Carnatic War? – Wandiwash
2. Kunwar Singh, who led the Revolt of 1857 in Bihar, was the Zamindar of: – Jagdishpur
3. Of the following, who signed the Document of Punjab’s Annexation with the British Empire in 1849? – Maharaja Dalip Singh
4. When was the Code of Criminal Procedure introduced in India? – 1862
5. Of the following, who was not the member of Ghadar Party? – Bhai Ram Singh
6. Which of the following, provided for the Right of Succession from the British Commonwealth to India? – Cripps Mission Plan

7. Who was the member of the Hindu Mahasabha? – V.D. Savarkar, B.S. Munje and Lala Lajpat Rai
8. Which Act conceded the Right of discussing the Budget for members in the Legislative Councils? – Indian Coucils Act, 1892
9. In whose time was shifted the capital of Indin from Calcutta to Delhi? – Lord Hardinge
10. Which was the first successful Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi? – Champaran
11. Who was the first Chairman of Harijan Sevak Sangh? – G.D. Birla
12. Who opposed the Resolution of Pakistan in the Congress Meeting, 1947? – Abdul Gaffar Khan
13. When did Gandhi threaten to go to fast unto death against the State of Rajkot? – 1939
14. B.R. Ambedkar was appointed in Viceroy’s Council in 1942, as: The Labour Member
15. Of the following, who opposed the Consent of Age Bill, 1891? – Bal Gangadhar Tilak
16. Who of the following works is matched correctly with its author?
  1. Ram Mohan Roy – The Percepts of Jesus
  2. Rabindranath Tagore – Manasi
  3. Bhai Vir Singh – Rana Surat Singh
  4. Madhusudan Dutt – Neel Darpan
17. Who designed the Central Museum in Lahore? – Ram Singh
18. The Prince of Wales in Mumbai was designed by: – G. Wittet
19. In which year was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature to Rabindranath Tagore? – 1913
20. Who established the Vedanta Societies? – Swami Vivekananda
21. The book Secret Document belongs to which of the following? – The Theosophical Society
22. Who formed the Indian Society of Oriental Art? – Abnindranath Tagore
23. Of the following, who belongs to the Militant Party of Arya Samaj? – Lala Munshi Ram
24. Where was originated the Satya Mahima Dharma? – Orissa
25. Baba Ram Singh, the founder of Namdhari Movement was exiled to: – Burma (Myanmar)
26. The factors responsible for population change is (are): – Births, Deaths and Migration
27. Which among the following does not belong to India’s major large-scale industries? – Khadi and Village Industry
28. Which State of India is known as “Tiger State”? – Madhya Pradesh
29. To conserve coral reef, the Government of India declared one of the following as Marine Park: Gulf of Kutch
30. Cadastral maps are generally prepared to represent: – Small areas
31. Savanna region of Brazil are locally called as: – Cerrado
32. Which evidence does not support the “Plate Tectonic Theory”? – Similar drainage system
33. A French architect, Le Corbusier designed which city? – Chandigarh
34. When was “Wildlife Protection Act” passed in India? – 1972

35. Which of the following is most suitable to show the inequality in the distribution? – Lorentz curve
36. The following is/are the non-renewable resources: – Coal, Petroleum and Natural Gas
37. Match List 1 with List 2 and select correct answer:
The correct answer is: Loess – Wind deposits, Morains – Glacial deposits, Gravels – Marine deposits, Silt – River deposits
38. Himalayan orogeny started in: – Eocene
39. In which state “Nathpa Jhakri Hydel Project” presently under execution? – Himachal Pradesh
40. Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC? – China
41. Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Scheme:
  1. Was launched to prevent sex-selective abortions and to ensure survival and protection of a girl child
  2. To ensure the education of the girl child
Answer: Both A & B are correct
42. According to World Economic Forum (Global Gender Gap Report 2017), India is ranked on Gender Gap Index at: – 108th out of 144 countries
43. Consider the following statements and choose the correct one:
  1. Bhartiya Mahila Bank was only Public Sector Bank in India entirely owned by the government and is recently merged with SBI
  2. This Bank accepts deposits only from women
Answer: Only i is correct
44. The High Denomination Bank Notes (Demonetisation) Act, 1978: –  Deemed the Rs. 1000; Rs 5000 and Rs. 10000 notes illegal
45. Read the following statements carefully and select the correct option:
  1. Make in India is an initiative launched by PM on 25th Sept 2014
  2. The objective of this initiative is to encourage national and multi-national companies to manufacture in India.
Answer: Both are correct
46. As per Census 2011, the female literacy rate in Himachal Pradesh is: – 75.93
47. Read the statements and identify the correct one:
  1. Sh. N.K. Singh is appointed the Chairman of 15th Finance Commission
  2. Its recommendation will be valid from April 2020 to March 2025
Answers: Both are correct
48. BIMARU was coined by: Ashish Bose to refer the poor economic conditions of some state in India
49. Basic components of Digitial India is/are:
  1. Development of secure and stable digital infrastructure.
  2. Universal digital literacy
  3. Delivering government services digitally
Answer: All of the above are true
50. Central Banking functions in India are performed by the:
  1. Central Bank of India
  2. State Bank of India
  3. Reserve Bank of India
Answer: Only iii
51. Who is the Chairman of NITI Aayog? – Prime Minister
52. Swach Bharat Mission aims to achieve an Open-Defection Free India by: –  2 October 2019
53. Which of the following develops and updates Global Hunger Index? – International Food Policy Research Institute
54. Which one among the following formulates Fiscal Policy in India? – Finance Ministry
55. Demographic Dividend refers is: – Rise in the population between the age group of 15 to 64 years
56. “Economic growth should proceed only in so far as natural resources are recycled rather than depleted biodiversity is maintained and clean air, water and land are protected”. This state is related to the concept of: – Sustainable development
57. Human Development was development was developed by: – Mahbub ul Haq
58. Which of the following are views of Gandhian Development?
  1. Self-development over material prosperity
  2. Development of free market
  3. Centralised planning
  4. Development of villages and cottage industries
Answer: i and iv
59. Which is not an indicator of Human Development Index?
  1. Life expectency
  2. Education component
  3. National per Capital Income
  4. Level of Urbanization

60. Which of the following is not a Millennium Development Goal? – House for the poor
61. Who is the author of the book “Garibi Hatao: Strategy Options”? – M.L. Dantwala
62. Which of the Indian State has the largest number of slum dwellers as per Census 2011? – Maharashtra
63. Which of the following was not specified as an objective of social development by the World Development Summit (1991)? – Strengthening the capacities of people
64. Which is an indicator of social development in the following? – Improvement in health, Improvement in the quality of life and Improvement in education
65. Privatization of Education is a consequence of: – Globalization
66. The principle of gender equality refers to: – Females should be treated the same as men unless special circumstances apply
67. India ranked ………………in Global Gender Gap Index 2017 out of 144 countries. – 108th
68. Which year was declared as the Women’s Empowerment Year? – 2001
69. Mark out the correct sequence of perspectives on gender and development in India: – Welfare, Development, Empowerment
70. Assertion (A): Women and child development policy is called ‘Protective Discrimination’?
Reason (R): This is beneficial only for women.
Answer: Both A and R are false
71. A charismatic or well-known species that is associated with a given habitat or ecosystem and that may increase awareness of the need for conservation action is known as:- Flagship species
72. The population growth form observed in ‘algal blooms’ – in which the density of algae increases dramatically and then suddenly declines is known as: – J-shaped growth pattern
73. Green audit is: – Checking of the impact of an establishment over the environment 
74. Competition is the most severe between two: – Closely related species growing in the same habitat
75. In India, Tropical rainforests are found in: – Western Ghats and Eastern Himalayas
76. A clone is a population of plants obtained: – From a single vegetatively propagated plant
77. “Bioassay” means: – The use of living cells or organism to make quantitative or qualitative measurements of the amounts or activity of substances
78. ‘Biodiversity Hot Spot’ is characterized by: – High species richness, high endemism, imminent threat of habitat destruction
79. Ecological arrangements in which two or more species use different, non-overlapping resources in a given habitat is called as: – Resource partitioning 
80. What is the full form of CAT scanner? – Computerized axial tomographic scanner
81. The provision for a Uniform Civil Code exists in which of the following parts of Indian Constitution? – Directive Principles of State Policy
82. Who discovered electron? – Joseph John Thomson
83. Which committee was set up by Government of India in September 2014 to restructure the Railways and to suggest ways for resource mobilization? – Bibek Debroy Committee
84. Which article of the Indian Constitution provided Right to Constitutional Remedies? – Article 32
85. Headquarters of Uttarakhand High Court is at: – Nainital
86. The Lipa river is an important tributary of: – Spiti
87. Who is the Vice-chairman of H.P. State Handicraft and Handloom? – Sanjeev Katwal
88. Where is Kundi Maral Lake? – Chamba
89. Who was the Viceroy of India, when Shimla Conference was arranged in 1945? – Lord Wavell
90. Which Viceroy was responsible for the partition of Bengal in 1905? – Lord Curzon
91. The “Treaty of Sugauli” was signed between: – East India Company and Nepal Govt. 
92. Which of the following Act of Government of India paved the way for the formation of Himachal Pradesh as Part-“C” State? – Govt. of India Part “C” Acts, 1951
93. Himalayan Forest Research Insititute is located at: – Panthaghati (Shimla)
94. Lahaul-Spiti was created as a separate district in: – 1960
95. Sawra Kuddu Hydro Project is being constructed on the river: – Pabbar
96. With whose collaboration “Doodh Ganga Scheme” was launched in Himachal Pradesh? – NABRAD
97. When did Dalai Lama escape from Tibet? – 1959

98. Which wildlife sanctuary has largest area? – Kibber
99. Sabathu town was part of princely state of: – Baghat
100. When was first European house built in Shimla? – 1822

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